My free Coffee from Prêt in exchange for taking the One Pot Pledge

One Pot PledgeAs I am sure you’ll have spotted, I’m always on the lookout for novel marketing ideas. The healthy marketing goes bananas is one of my favourites to date.

So imagine my pleasure, when popping out for my lunch-time sandwich, to be offered a free coffee in exchange for promising to nurture a Basil plant.

I did feel a bit of a fraud as I already have a small organic vegetable plot at home, but the attitude today seemed to be ‘the more thee merrier’. Maybe it was my good karma for spending an hour last night digging out my compost heap.

I think congratulations are also due to Prêt A Manger for allowing some of their most popular outlets to host the One Pot Pledge volunteers and to give away tea and coffee to pledgers.

The One Pot Pledge® is an exciting new grow your own campaign from leading gardening charity Garden Organic. Our aim is to get 30,000 people who have never grown anything before to give growing a go.

Growing your own food can be fun, it tastes great and you don’t even need a garden – one pot on a window ledge is all you need to get started.

Garden Organic is the UK’s leading organic growing charity and we can help you by providing useful information to get you growing, with handy tips along the way.

So why not ‘give it a grow’ and make your One Pot Pledge® today to grow something tasty you can eat.

If you already grow your own then we still need your help to inspire non-growers to make the One Pot Pledge®. You can join the campaign as a Gardening Guru and use your skills to help teach others to grow.

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