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NeilI discovered the joys of information and library work at Keele University back in 1982, where the choice of paid work was between the student union bar and the library.

Since then I have worked at South Bank Polytechnic (as it was then), the Institute of Petroleum, a long stint at PosTel / Hermes Pensions Management and finally at the British Library.

Over the years my degree in Computer Science has helped me to develop internet and intranet services, as well as editing newsletters in good old Pagemaker.

I have been active in SLA Europe for nearly 20 years including President in 2004, in 2006 I was made a fellow of SLA.

In the few hours of spare time that my long commute allows I enjoy the odd game of tennis, a bit of gardening and skiing when there is snow in the Alps. A while back I succumbed to a mid-life crisis and bought a KR1-S motorbike. More recently rode a hired Harley Davidson from San Diego and back.

I write here in a personal capacity with my work related postings on the British Library Innovation and enterprise blog.

You can contact me at neil at infield dot nu


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  1. Nice 1, Neil.
    Quote from Prince – Raspberry Beret:
    “She came in through the out door…..
    She wore a raspberry beret…”.

    It didn’t say what colour beret if it was a field instead of a door….

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