Naked bikes take a dive

I am always looking for an excuse to include motorbikes in this blog, and today thanks to a colleague I get an opportunity.

We have one published report by Mintel, but it dates back to 1999 when the UK bike market was booming. However, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) publish free monthly sales figures, and as you can see from the table and chart below, the situation has changed significantly since 1999.

However it’s not all doom and gloom as the number of bikes on the road has increased (perhaps due to restored and revived classics such as my KR1-S ‘green meanie’).

And, from the ashes of the once dominant British bike industry the Phoenix that is Triumph Motorcycles has arisen.

The MCIA also produce a 2009 Statistics Pocket Guide pdf . And provide some interesting general ‘biker’ statistics:

1.6 million

51 thousand

5.6 billion km (3.5 billion miles)

Finally, in order to help reverse the decline in biking, the MCIA have created a Get On website, where you can find out where to have a free try-out on a motorbike.

In case you were wondering what is meant by ‘Naked’, a helpful glossary is provided at the end of each report, enabling you to bluff your way through, the next time you find yourself talking to a biker.

Adventure (including Supermoto) – These bikes are similar in style to enduro motorcycles but are predominantly designed and capable for on-road use. Often they will have features similar to
machines included in the Touring category e.g. fairings, luggage carrying capacity etc.

Custom – These machines include ‘cruisers’ and ‘choppers’. They have flat but typically feature high handlebars, low seat height and forward footrests. Body panels
and fittings contain high polished chrome content.

Moped – In law, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 50cc and a maximum speed capability of 30mph, riders must be aged 16 years
or over. Mopeds are available in Motorcycle and Scooter styles.

Motorcycle – In law, a motorised two-wheeled vehicle that is not a moped, riders must be aged 17 years or over.

Powered Two Wheelers – All types of two-wheeled motor vehicle, including Mopeds, Motorcycles and Scooters.

Sport/Touring – Machines that fit between Supersport and Touring bikes categories. Typical features include full or partial fairings and practical rider and pillion seating with
low to medium ride handlebars. Tend to have medium to large capacity engines.

Supersport – These machines are designed to mimic or directly replicate racing bikes. They normally have full fairings and low handlebars and are sometimes referred to
as race replicas.

Scooters – Have an engine, as an integral part of the rear suspension or the chassis is a step-through type, irrespective of cc or wheel size. Includes all types of

Touring – Bikes generally have large engines and are designed for long-distance riding. Typical features include a more comfortable seating position for rider and
pillion, luggage carrying capability and weather protection, such as fairings with a fixed or adjustable windscreen.

Naked – Machines are built to a basic specification with no fairing (or only a small handlebar fairing) and an upright riding position. Engines are large to medium and
often called retro.

Trail/Enduro- These bikes encompass trials, enduro and trail bikes with an off-road or cross-country capability.

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Copyright 2009 – Motor Cycle Industry Association Limited

MOTORCYCLES     Apr-10    Apr-09    % Change     Apr 2010 YTD     Apr 2009 YTD     % Change
ADVENTURE SPORT     902    1,282    -29.60%    2,942    3,866    -23.90%
CUSTOM     995    1,105    -10.00%    2,745    3,090    -11.20%
NAKED     2,075    2,564    -19.10%    5,819    7,297    -20.30%
SCOOTER     1,286    1,548    -16.90%    4,472    5,417    -17.40%
SPORT/TOUR     947    924    2.50%    2,873    2,822    1.80%
SUPERSPORT     1,673    2,279    -26.60%    5,383    7,901    -31.90%
TOURING     388    398    -2.50%    1,338    1,398    -4.30%
TRAIL/ENDURO     523    600    -12.80%    1,732    2,048    -15.40%
UNSPECIFIED     55    55    0.00%    194    242    -19.80%
TOTAL MOTORCYCLES     8,844    10,755    -17.80%    27,498    34,081    -19.30%

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