Escape the City is one year old

Having worked for 16 years in the City of London for an investment firm, I can relate strongly to Escape the City.

I also used to manage a colleague, who left my team to successfully fulfil his dream of creating an alternative therapy business in New Zealand (Sacred Moves ~ Yoga, 5Rhythms Dance and Massage Therapies).

Escape the City was set up by Dom Jackman and Rob Symington who found their own way out and wanted to help others (our story).

We are on a mission to liberate talented people from unfulfilling corporate jobs.

We are assembling a community of corporate professionals who want to escape the corporate mainstream and do something different with their lives and their careers.

Our objective is to build and maintain a platform that connects these ambitious and talented people with exciting career changes, innovative business start-ups and epic adventures.

We know that there is more to life than doing work that doesn’t matter to you. We want to help people to find ways of spending their working lives doing exciting and fulfilling work.

Escape the City is now a year old and has 26,550  subscribers to their weekly escape opportunities email, and over 4,500 followers on Facebook.

Below is a clip from their new video with my favourite escape story.



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