EnterQuest’s entrepreneurial habits

The excellent weekly email bulletin from Enterprise Quest has got a great list of what they describe as the elusive entrepreneurial habits that you aren’t likely to come across in business textbooks. This certainly matches my experience in talking to aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

Here is our quick guide to a few more of the habits common to successful business owners:

1. Successful business owners look for and find the right path, not just the destination. What this means is that it’s important to focus on how you will get there, rather than just on where you want to end up. After all, your journey, your enterprise quest, will change many times, that’s for sure.

2. They focus their efforts and energy only into what they are good at, or extremely good at. And if they aren’t good at something, they find someone else who is and get them to do it.

3. They learn from others. They network with people like themselves, and track down and find out how to do things from the very best that there is.

4. They know who their customers are and exactly what they want, and pay close attention to what they see or hear from them. Ideally they are able to see their business and products through their customers’ eyes.

5. They thoroughly plan and prepare everything that they do. Remember what we’ve told you in this newsletter many times before – failing to plan is planning to fail.

6. They seek feedback all the time from their customers, suppliers, advisers, employees and business partners. Although they tend to follow their gut and act upon it…they are armed with the right facts and information to back it up.

7. They overflow with enthusiasm and passion for what they are doing. They want to try and change the world. Their own world and their customers’ world. Even a very small change can make a big difference or impact to a customer…and to your business.

8. They have plenty of self-discipline. Note our earlier comment. Success doesn’t happen at random – it needs structure as well as flair in the right combination.

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