Fifty thousand visits and counting –

The two and a half years since I became an ‘accidental blogger’ have flown by. And I find it amazing that over fifty thousand visits have now been made to the site, with the weekly number gradually increasing as time has gone by.

Today by chance WordPress (who host my blog) announced they have passed the two hundred million milestone for posts on their service, 200,000,000 Posts… and Counting. I suppose my 368 posts have played their part in this spectacular number.

Here are my top ten visited pages:

Home page – 27,827
The not so simple paper clip3,063
Design classics – the Bic Crystal ballpo1,989
British Standard for a cup of tea – BS 61,328
More interesting facts about paper clips 1,191
About Me
You can’t afford not to be green
Aga goes Web 2.0
Will Chat Roulette change the fabric of
Panaramio for the outside and inside vie

Site Summary – Visits
Total – 51,389
Average per Day – 151
Average Visit Length – 0:14
This Week – 1,056

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