Are you ready to publish your book?

They say everyone has at least one book inside of them, although I have yet to find mine. However, I have now seen quite a few clients who are ready and waiting to find a publisher for their manuscript or idea. Now we have a course tailored just for them, and you, if you are burning to get yours out into the wide world (and of course a copy for the British Library under legal deposit).

*  Have you thought about writing a book but didn’t know where to start?
* Have you got lots of ideas and don’t know which one to choose?
* Are you concerned about writing something that may not get published?

Get Published Today!
Get these and many more questions answered at an information packed half-day course on Wednesday 14th April from 10:00am –  13:00 with registration from 9:30 at the Business and IP Centre, British Library.

Veteran book coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein (best known as founder of The Book Midwife®) will be guiding you through every step of the process of planning, writing and publishing a successful book. Her clients have written and published over 300 books and most of them have completed the writing in just 90 days!

* Learn how to choose the best topic, title, publishing solution and market for your book
* Understand what your true message is
* Avoid the mistakes most first-time authors make
* End up with the best possible book in the shortest possible time
* Engage with your target market so they respond to you
* Know when the editing is finished and the book is ready
* Understand how the publishing industry works and use that to your advantage
* Get help from unlikely sources to promote your book
* Make your book ‘work’ for you and earn you income and higher fees
* Get the media attention you want and deserve
* Catapult your book to the top of the bestseller lists…and much more

How to write & publish your book in 5 easy steps

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