Our new business information wiki – Business Essentials on the Web

http://www.faronet.be/files/u16/wikipedia.jpgAs part of our continuing experimination with all things Web 2.0 (Social Media) we have created a wiki for essential business information. Still currently in beta, this wiki is a designed to allow any of my British Library business information colleagues to add useful links.
But more revolutionary (for the British Library) is that we are also opening up the wiki to anyone who has useful information to add. In particular our partners, who have expertise in a wide range of business support activities.
The wiki will be of help to people who are not able to come and visit our St Pancras building, and who find that Google does not provide all the answers.
Obviously we ony want useful content on the wiki, and will be taking any spam off straight away, much like you see on Wikipedia. Our wiki guidelines explain in more detail.
Please join our little community and add your comments and submit links of your own.

If you have any ideas or comments on the wiki, you can email bipc@bl.uk

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