Business Librarians’ Association conference I mentioned a while back (To Blog or not to Blog? That is the question), I was invited to speak on a panel at the  Business Librarians’ Association (formally BBSLG) annual conference in Dublin. The chair of the session David Meehan has just posted a short review of the session with some kind remarks relating to my contribution.

My fellow panellists were Dr. John Breslin (Electronic Engineering, NUIG; Researcher at DERI) speaking about the social semantic web, and Ian Manzie (Business Manager Ireland, Thomson Reuters) on their new web-based ‘Academy’ approach to training users.

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  1. davidmeehan

    The Business & IP Centre is a clear blueprint for what a library and information service can aspire to with the appropriate human and information resources – and vision! The BIPC approach also helps business librarians to focus on the very practical resources and support entrepreneurs and innovators need. As opposed to the familliar scholarly material needed for typical academic-style student output (essays and dissertations)!


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