Vote for your favourite marketing hero

As if compiling votes on the favourite brand of the last 50 years wasn’t enough, the Marketing Society also wants to see who is your marketing hero.

There is quite a long list to choose from, but I was disappointed they only managed to find two women; Anita Roddick of The Body Shop fame, and Dianne Thompson the CEO of Camelot Group who run the UK National Lottery. I have added a few others to see who you recognise.

Dianne Thompson CBEAnita RoddickGeorge DaviesKen WebbLord MacLaurinMark Zuckerberg

3 Replies to “Vote for your favourite marketing hero”

  1. Are you kidding me- Zuckerberg’s pic from FB is up there? Oh man.

    Jobs. Branson. These guys stand the test of time and deserve it. Godin’s a cool writer.

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