From redundancy to reinvention

Last February I wrote about Rasheed Ogunlaru and his  Zest for Business. During 2008 he regularly ran his Making it as an Entrepreneur sessions which proved very popular.

Given our current economic straights and the rise of redundancies during 2008 with more predicted for 2009, Rasheed (who’s redundancy during the last downturn ten years ago, led to his current vocation) has written a blog post From redundancy to reinvention with his top ten tips. Having been made redundant myself over three years ago, I remember what a traumatic experience it was. But also how it was the springboard to a much more satisfying job.

1. Give yourself time and space to be, breathe, reflect and even grieve.

2. Find out exactly what the redundancy will mean: and your options / entitlements.

3. Seek support: from friends and loved ones – and professionals in / beyond work who can help you.

4. Take time: to consider what you really want to do next in your life and career and follow your heart.

5. Practicals: Brush up your CV and your interview skills, identify all your strengths and skills. Ensure you stand out. Include a powerful personal statement at the top.

6. Get hold of my ‘Moving ahead in your career free guide – visit my resources page it will help you focus on what you want in a job

7. Write a list of all the people you know who can help you (inc contacts, friends, former colleagues and who they know) Call or make appointments to meet and chat with anyone who may be able to help you.

8. When applying for jobs: keep your spoken/ written correspondence clear, crisp, concise and captivating.

9. Spread the net: include internet, networking, agencies, contacts as well as newspapers for your job search.

10. Tell people: You probably know 200 people or more tell them what you’re looking for…together you may find it… It’s a small world.

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