Web 2.0 Made Easy

I greatly enjoyed our Web 2.0 Made Easy event this evening. We had a full house with over 60 enthusiastic visitors, all wanting to learn more about this important topic for small businesses.

The presenter Jude Habib from Sound Delivery said she wanted the event to be informal, and that was certainly what she got, with a stream of questions varying from ‘what is a blog’ to ‘how do you get sponsorship for your podcast’.

There were so many questions that Jude barely made it through her excellent slides before closing time at the Library. There was some pretty intensive networking going on as the audience was on their way out of the building.

There was a great deal of demand to run another event covering the topic, and a lot of interest in the all day event An Introduction to Social Media for Business on 14 November.

I thought this slide was an excellent way of reviewing wether you (or your organisation) are ready to engage with social media technologies.

It is important to be aware of the democratic nature of Web 2.0, including the ability of your customers to post negative comments.

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