A credit crunch silver lining?

I got the day off to a depressing start on Monday by listening to a recent Radio 4 In Business podcast on the credit crunch.

It consisted of a live discussion with the following experts:

  • Keith Clarke, Chief Executive, Atkins Engineering
  • Jon Moulton, Founder, Alchemy Partners
  • Julie Meyer, Chief Executive, Ariadne Capital
  • Bob McKee, Chief Economist, Independent Strategy
  • George Cooper, Author, The Origin of Financial Crises and Fund Manager, Alignment Investors
  • John Kay, Economic Commentator

Although John Kay was the least pessimistic in terms of how bad we can expect the economy to get, the only person who had anything positive to contribute was Julie Meyer, the co-founder of First Tuesday, who spoke at our Desperately seeking finance event in April. She felt that the economic downturn would lead to an increase in small business startups, particularly one person companies. Certainly my 16 years working in the City of London leads me to believe that many of the recent (and expected) redundant staff will welcome the opportunity to explore more satisfying and valuable career opportunities, even if they are less materially rewarding.


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