You can’t afford not to be green

Well, according to the YUDU Green book anyway. This carbon free publication contains “51ways that your business can save money and the planet”.

The ‘book’ is a great way for YUDU to promote themselves and their carbon neutral approach to publishing.

“Carbon Neutral Publishing: From the planet’s favourite publisher!

YUDU believes in lessening the environmental impact of printing. While there will always be a desire for printed publications, we want to cut out the unnecessary use of trees and energy to help reduce carbon footprints.

But it’s not just the act of felling trees; the whole process of printing and distribution is harmful:

1. Logging – disturbs wildlife and uses fuel
2. Pulp mills – use natural resources and create pollution
3. Transportation – creates pollution
4. Printing – uses natural resources and chemicals
5. Waste – cleaning and recycling uses resources and energy

So it’s not difficult to appreciate the environmental benefits when you publish with YUDU.

But hard as we try, we cannot be completely energy free. The computer servers that process, host and serve YUDU publications all consume energy.

So to make sure all YUDU digital publications are as carbon neutral as possible, we completely offset all our CO2 emissions by donating money to Carbon Clear, a leading carbon management company. They invest in projects that improve living standards in developing countries and which provide global climate benefits with clean energy projects and reforestation initiatives.

All YUDU publications carry a carbon neutral stamp.”

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