London demographics from the GLA

One question that comes up frequently in the Business & IP Centre is, ‘where can I find demographic information for London’.

As part of my recent visit to the GLA (General London Authority) City Hall I discovered their Data Management and Analysis Group (DMAG) publish useful demographic information.

Even better these are all free and available as pdf’s from their website.

Subjects covered include:

* Diversity
* Education
* Elections
* Focus on London
* Health and disability
* Labour market
* Population
* Poverty

Here is a list of some of their more recent publications:

Census Information Note
Pay Check 2007
GLA 2007 Round Ward Ethnic Group Population Projections
Council Tax Analysis
A Profile of Londoners by Country of Birth
Claimant Count Model 2008: Technical Note
GLA 2007 Round Demographic Projections
Greater London Authority Constituency Profiles
Family Resources Survey 2005/06: Results for London
London Borough Migrations 2001-06
Social Exclusion Data Team Workplan

London Demographics

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