The future of technology is a wind-up

At the recent What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Show I spent a great deal of time on the Baylis stand talking to the friendly team.

They were demonstrating the new Eco Media Player which is a wind-up (sorry couldn’t resist that one). To be brutally frank, this product doesn’t exude the sheer desirability of an iPod. However, it makes a good attempt at addressing it’s shortcomings by packing in an fm radion, a led torch, and phone re-charger in addition to its rivals’ mp3, video and photo players.

Its real unique selling point though is the handle that unfurls from the back of the player. They claim that just one minute of winding is sufficient to provide up to forty minutes of play. I have to say that the idea of watching the battery life drain out of my mp3 player knowing that all is required is a few spins of the charger is very appealing.

All we need now is the mobile phone with built in charging handle. I have lost count of the number of times mine has run out of power, usually at the worst possible time.


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