Will technology replace the research centre?

I enjoyed the CiG (City Information Group) panel discussion last week.

As always Euan Semple (former head of KM at the BBC) was interesting and provocative. It was the first time I had hear Mike Angle (Co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of Alacra) speak. He looks and sounds a bit like a geek (think a younger, slimmer, better looking version of Bill Gates). However he talks in clear and simple non-geek speak. In particular, emphasising how libraries and librarians need to keep moving up the information food chain (in other words adding more and more value) if they are to survive.

This is something I have felt strongly for many years and it was good to hear it articulated so clearly.

The biggest worry for the profession came when Euan (I think) asked how many in the audience regularly read blogs. Less than half the hands in the room went up. He then asked how many wrote blogs, and I only saw three hands go up.

Unless we start engaging now with these various social networking opportunities it may well be too late for us.

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