Facebook infringes Scrabble copyright

Here is yet another example of ‘civilians’ lack of understanding of the role of Intellectual Property.

Apparently Facebook users are up in arms about the loss of Srabulous from their screens. However they don’t seem to realise that Hasbro, who own the rights to the game in the US and Canada, and Mattel who own the rights elsewhere in the world, would be unhappy about someone moving into their lucrative territory.

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One thought on “Facebook infringes Scrabble copyright

  1. borrodell

    Hi Neil

    I think this is actually yet another example of an old company not understanding the new media landscape – the instinctual reaction from them is to shut it down.. but the smart (or even obvious) move would be to acquire the app, not set to work destroying it.

    A very large number of people enjoy playing scrabulous, and Hasbro have seen both a huge jump in traffic to their site and a noticeable in sales. The users are confused – why would a games-manufacturer want to stop people playing their own invention?

    Hope all is well with you and the bl!


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