Maurice Collins and his Weird and Wonderful collection

Maurice Collins, the man behind our very popular Weird and Wonderful small display currently in the Centre, gave a very entertaining talk last night. We had a full house of over 100 interested visitors, and Maurice entertained the audience with a mixture of slides and items from his collection. Often he would test to see […]

Bringing the Victorian teasmade up to date

My partner managed to snap up a bargain ultra-modern teasmade at the weekend, and we have already had a first successful early morning brew-up. The idea of waking up to a freshly made cup of tea in bed is of course not a new desire. And for Victorians who could not afford servants to get […]

I met the Prime Thinkers mentors

It’s been a busy few weeks for me recently (so much for a quiet summer). So I have quite a few events still to catch up on. Our Meet the Mentors event on the evening of Tuesday 30 June was a great success, with around 30 mentors and 90 mentees. With a 3 to 1 […]

Business & IP Centre on the Richard and Judy Show

I know the Business & IP Centre has had a lot of good press coverage since it opened in March 2006. We even had a full page story in the Financial Times and appeared on Working Lunch on BBC2. However, I was very surprised to hear on returning from holiday last week that we would […]

Quirky gadgets and contraptions from 1851 to 1951

As well as being the main contact for Prime Thinkers Maurice Collins is also the man behind a collection of over 800 quirky gadgets and contraptions from 1851 to 1951. The collection contains some of the most eccentric labour saving devices, many from the Victorian era which is renowned for its Heath Robinson style excesses. […]

Prime Thinkers – Developing creative ideas for business, charities and the voluntary sector

At the recent The British International Innovation & Technology Conference and Exhibition at Alexandra Palace I came across a stand for Prime Thinkers. They are a group of 20 experienced business owners, managers in large corporations, academics and senior government officials, many of whom have now retired. The idea is that someone with a business […]