La Diosa and their right Royal wedding connection

Blue_Topaz_Sterling_Silver_PendantOne of our creative success stories came from a chance meeting in a Philosophy class between Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael. Together they went on to create La Diosa jewellery and now have a shop in Hatton Garden.

They have a knack of attracting celebrity interest in their contemporary designs, with Sarah Brown (our previous Prime Minister’s wife) a fan, and Michelle Obama pictured wearing their jewellery during a G20 summit.

As fans of Kate Middleton (soon to be married to son of the heir of the British throne), they created a pendant called Honey-moon, specially for her. And were pleasantly surprised to receive a letter in reply to their gift, saying that Miss Middleton was ‘touched’ by the gift, and wanted to thank them personally.

Given the current media whirlwind in the build up to the wedding day on 29 April, this story was eagerly snapped up by the Evening Standard and resulted in a half-page story last Monday.

So congratulations to Natasha and Semhal for their brilliant designs, as well as a sparkling approach to promotion and dazzling use of the media.

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