Inventing the 21st Century exhibition closes this week

It’s the final week of our free Inventing the 21st Century exhibition so if you want to see it you will have to get a move on.

We invited visitors to the exhibition to submit on slips of paper their ideas for what inventions were needed and  had a big response. Mark Sheahan, our Inventor in Residence, has listed his favourites on the Invent it ! web page.

My colleague Steve van Dulken is the curator of the exhibition and has already covered several of the inventions on show in his excellent Patent Search blog.

Steve has also written a book Inventing the 21st Century to coincide with the exhibition.  In the book he covers the inventions in the exhibition and many more. My favourite is the Magmole invented by Sharon Wright. I love the fact that it is such a simple solution to such an annoying problem (pushing cables through cavity walls).



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