What happens to innovations in fast moving tech markets?

iPhone Screenshot 1I recently met for a coffee with one of my earliest Business Information Advice clients from October 2008. I was glad to find out her business was successful, but surprised to hear that it was now quite different from the project we had discussed nearly two years before.

Her original innovation involved the use of dedicated computer terminals in shopping centres. However the rise of smartphones, in particular the Apple iPhone led to a change in plan. Now her company specialises in developing shopping related iPhone applications (apps) and they have just launched their first one for L’Oreal UK Ltd.

It is a Vichy Skin Health Consultation and helps you find the right free sample starter kit for your skin. Having perfect skin myself (bad joke) I don’t personally have use for this widget, but I can see it being popular with those who do care about their complexion.
Our mission is to give you tools, advice, access to expert and products to help you achieve healthy, beautiful looking skin.

That’s why we have launched the Vichy Skin Health Mobile Application, giving you a FREE Skin Health Consultation on your mobile. After the Consultation you’ll be able to receive a FREE sample starter kit so you can try the products before you buy.

In the app we’ve included exclusive content on our most popular products, a pharmacy locator so you’ll never be too far away from your nearest advisor and a bar code scanner to find out if a product is suitable for you. We’ve also included some special offers, promotions and competitions.

With all this at your fingertips, we hope you’ll be one step closer to achieving healthy, beautiful looking skin.

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