Company Partners blog goes live of our newest partners at the Business & IP Centre, Company Partners has started a blog aimed at anyone starting or growing a business.

“You use the Company Partners site to find a Business Partner. That business partner may be someone to join with you to start a business, or to join an existing company to bring additional skills into it. Or it may be that you are looking for a Non-Exec or Mentor. Or how about an Business Angel / Investor?”

The blog is going to cover:

* Elements of starting a business
* Growing existing businesses
* Anything about Business Partners, Mentors and Business Angels
* Raising business angel investment
* Finding rewarding business investment opportunities

The author is Lawrence Gilbert founder of Company Partners, and has already covered:

Why businesses don’t get started.

Be tenacious in making your business idea work – but not blinkered

How long does it take to find a Business Angel?

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