Improve your IP awareness with the British Library and the IPO

Thanks to the good folks at the Intellectual Property Office and my colleagues at the British Library, you have a choice of routes to improve your IP awareness.

We have two courses covering the Basics of Intellectual Property Protection and Searching IP databases.

The Intellectual Property Office have introduced an IP Healthcheck which consists of four questionnaires covering Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Copyright.

You can choose which of the four questionnaires in the IP Healthcheck you want to complete by clicking ‘Go to the first question’. If you’re not sure whether a questionnaire is relevant to you, click ‘Is this for me’.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will see a summary of our recommended Action Points, based on what you have told us. You can click ‘Why/how’ for an explanation of each Action Point, and how you can put it into practice. Your summary also contains links to further useful information and resources.

You can download the full Confidential Report as a .pdf, or ask us to email it to you.

Every Confidential Report is automatically stored in Your Report Library. You can return and view it as often as you like.

You cannot change your answers once you have completed an IP Healthcheck questionnaire, but you can retake it as many times as you like, to see what the Confidential Report says if you give different answers. We recommend that you keep a note of the answers you gave for each Confidential Report.

If you cannot complete a health check questionnaire, it will still be saved in Your Report Library, marked as ‘Uncompleted’. You can revisit it later, and complete it.

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