The best guide to starting your own business?

starting_your_own_businessThanks to an interview with Crimson Publishing founder David Lester on SmallBizPod late last year, I have discovered what I currently consider to be the best book on starting a business. Using the tried and trusted ‘Ronseal‘ approach, it is called Starting Your Own Business: The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected.

As you can see from the cover shot, it begins as it means to go on, being frank and honest. David doesn’t shy away from the difficulties pretty much all new business face, and includes plenty of examples from his own experience. He even starts the book with a health warning in the section “Do you really want to start a business?”

He talks about both the highs and the lows:
“…business highs are up there with some of the best feelings we can have. I will never know what it feels like to score a winning goal in a cup final, but I’m sure the best moments running your own business come pretty close. You should  expect your own business to also deliver possibly the lowest lows you can imagine, too. … To start your own business and seek those highs, you need to be willing to face those lows and come out the other side.”

You can read a few sample pages from the book to help make up your own mind using the look inside feature on Amazon.

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