Free Design Council guides for small businesses

As you know from previous blog postings, I am interested in the impact of design on business and profitability.

Now the Design Council has created three new free guides to help start-ups and small businesses find and work with designers effectively, use branding to their advantage and create more successful websites.

All three guides are full of step-by-step advice, real-life examples and practical ideas other small businesses can learn from and put into practice.

The choices are ‘Finding and working with a designer’, ‘The power of branding’ and ‘Getting a great website’, the 30-page guides are available free at

Over 25 case studies are included across the guides, showing how business-owners have overcome challenges faced by all small businesses, including Gü, Munchy Seeds, Kent Brushes, Ecobrands, Atlantic Hotel and Newmarket Race Courses.

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