Daily Archives: 20 August 2008

Deer in my garden

I like to think I live in something of a rural idyll, despite being less than forty five minutes from central London by train. And over the years I have been fortunate to see plenty of wildlife stray into my garden, including rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers, pheasants and even a grass snake.

However, for the last two nights I have been surprised to spot a trio of deer (a mother and two youngsters) in my garden, just feet from my window. Tonight I managed to take a snapshot through the rain with my mobile camera (hence the grainy quality).

I’m just beginning to worry that if they become too settled, they may decide to start eating my vegetable patch.

City Information Group visits the Business & IP Centre

In what might be considered something of a busman’s holiday, last night we hosted a visit from the City Information Group. The fifty or so information professionals who came along seemed to be suitably impressed by both our Treasures Gallery and of course the Business and IP Centre itself.

The organiser Jill Fenton has written a nice note in her blog.

Katy Crosse came with a group from TFPL (the Recruitment, Consultancy and Training company), and put a short write-up on their blog.

Apparently the list of attendees was oversubscribed so we may do it again.