An informational Aladdin’s Cave for the aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner


It is always nice when one of our customers blogs about their positive experience at the Business & IP Centre, at the British Library.

In the case of Andrew Warren-Payne (a recent from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, who is currently exploring potential ideas that help individuals and businesses make best use of Web 2.0 technologies in London) he has written about two visits to the Centre.

In his first visit on 14 June he discovered that we are; “an informational Aladdin’s Cave for the aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner. On the shelves and on their computer databases (from which you can download!) are reports from professional market research companies like Mintel, Datamonitor and Frost & Sullivan. This information is worth thousands of pounds. And yet, I have access to it, 15 minutes walk away from my flat, free of charge! And they run a lot of other services such as one-to-one clinics, free online courses, and have a YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe to it so they can see providing information like this is much appreciated!”

He came back on 4 July for a workshop was on business Terms and Conditions and why you should get them right and was held by Helen Parkins.

“Helen’s presentation was excellent and really explained why getting your Ts & Cs right is crucial when it comes to business. … Helen has also co-written a book titled A Zest for Business, and having bought it and had a quick read over it is definitely excellent value for money. Compact in size to slip in your briefcase or laptop bag, but absolutely filled with valuable advice far better than other books I’ve read so far (there’s no double spaced size 14 font as is often the case!), and the sections are neatly broken down into subheadings and relevant bullet point check lists.”

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