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One of the perks of my job is meeting inventors and then seeing them go on to be successful with a bit of help from us in the Business & IP Centre.

The latest one to make it into the media is Cintra Jaggan-Vince and her Clip & Pull invention. One of several products from her company Dignified Living providing solutions “to help people maintain their independence, safety and dignity with the task of dressing and undressing.”

In a double page feature in the Guardian of 1 February 2008 Cintra is mentioned and a photo of her proudly holding the Clip & Pull product.

Cintra certainly made an impression on me and my colleagues by demonstrating how effective her invention is, in front of our enquiry desk with the aid of a large pair of frilly knickers.

She has already won several awards including the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network – Special Recognition Award Singapore 2004.

1 thought on “Clip & Pull a Dignified Living product

  1. Cintra Jaggan-Vince

    Dear Mr Enfield,
    Thank you for the editorial and I trust this message finds you well.
    I am delighted to inform you that my vision for Clip & Pull has now changed dramatically, following mass infringement in North America and some parts of Europe.
    In May 2014, I launched the World Modesty Pledge, an initiative to empower humanity by giving my invention FREE of charge to all in need, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or socio-economic background.
    I invite you to learn more about this pledge on my website:
    With kindest regards


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