Angels Den introduces those seeking money, for their business, to over 3,800 Angels

Our British Library Entrepreneur and SME Network Facebook  group goes from strength to strength with 993 members as of this evening.

Isabel Oswell our intrepid head of Business Marketing is a reluctant convert to social networking, but has promised to be our thousandth member. So her time is rapidly approaching.

A recent message on our wall looks interesting. It is promoting Angels Den, a website that introduces those seeking money, for their business, to over 3800 Angels.

In the last week I have twice been asked how to find business Angels. This could well be the answer.

“Never mind that we have the largest number of angels in Europe – more importantly we are funding 17% of deals on the site. We promise no Pinstripes, no jargon – just good common sense and the grooviest Angels in town.”

Unlike many commercial services aimed at business start ups AngelsDEN are refreshingly up front about their charges, and go on to explain why they charge.

Angels Den

“Why isn’t it free of charge?

Many people have asked us why we charge for this service…well, we’re running a commercial enterprise and we need to cover our admin and promotion costs, pay staff to check your submission and pay for the upkeep of the website. We don’t get any public funding for Angels Den so that’s why we need to charge.

To set up a serious business with outside funding you do need to be prepared to spend some money. In some ways the £499 (plus VAT) fee also acts as a filter for people who are not really committed to doing what it takes to be successful or aren’t sufficiently far down the line to be ready to get funding.”

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