greentomato eco kits for a greener life

Once again Springwise have come up with a brilliant idea. This time it is greentomato eco kits which sell for a reasonable £9.99. They describe the kit as an essential starting point for people who want to live greener lifestyles but don’t know where to start.

kitphotos-introimg.gifThe kit includes a range of items designed to make a quick and simple impact on your enviromental impact.

As you can see below they have strong set of principles.

At greentomato, we don’t believe in producing something unless it will have a positive net effect on the environment. That’s why each item in the kit obeys the following four basic rules:

1. Universality
Wherever you live, whatever you live in, you should be able to use every item in the kit. If you already have one of the items, DON’T THROW IT AWAY! You can still use it – to give to a friend, relative or even your neighbour. There’s no doubt we could throw away much less, and whilst we’re at it, maybe even chat a little more with our neighbours.

2. Net environmental benefit
Of course it consumes resources to make everything in the kit, but this rule ensures that the energy and waste benefits of each item is significantly greater than the energy and resource cost of manufacturing it. Not to mention the item’s influence on general awareness and behaviour…

3. Low cost and / or saving you money
We think that £9.99 is a pretty good price for all this, which is only possible because we have selected items that are good value for money. They also actually save you money – £50 per year for the average household and more than £100 if you use the items well and follow the message of living a low waste lifestyle.

4. Simple to understand and install
Fiddly things are annoying, which is why all the items in the greentomatokit are easy to understand and easy to install. If there’s anything you don’t understand, please feel free to drop us a line using the feedback form.

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