Broadcast your invention to the world

I was recently contacted by Roger Nettleford who I met at the Business Startup show at Olympia in last year.

He is the founder of an online video business start up site which allows members of the public and entrepreneurs to broadcast their business ideas or inventions using a short video.

The site is still being developed but Roger believes that there are many people who have a great idea or invention but don’t have funds for marketing. He sees the site as YouTube meets Dragons Den, because potential investors are alerted once a video or webpage of interest is uploaded to a selected subject area. He sees this site as a catalyst for business start up assistance and innovation and expects to add ‘How to’ business advisory videos in the future.


One thought on “Broadcast your invention to the world

  1. ideabobber

    Good post – we’re working to provide this virtual “meetup” between idea people and entrepreneurs/engineers/designers who will put ideas into practice: – a complement, not substitute, to the site you list above (as we don’t support video. 🙂


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