Library of Congress storms Flickr

Matt Raymond at the Library of Congress has been posting excited posts on his blog about the impact of placing 3,100 images from their collection on Flickr. Below is a summary of the activity within two days of their page going live.

Photo from Library of Congress collection on Flickr • 392,000 views on the photostream
• 650,000 views of photos
• Adding in set and collection page views, there were about 1.1 million total views on our account
• All 3,100+ photos have been viewed
• 420 of the photos have comments
• 1,200 of the photos have been favorited

The British Library also has an amazing collection of images, so it would be great to see some of these appearing on Flickr as well.

Alice in Wonderland

One thought on “Library of Congress storms Flickr

  1. peccatte

    We have a project similar to the LoC pilot project, called “PhotosNormandie”, which is alive since one year about:
    For now, descriptions are in French language and we are trying to improve them. So, we invite comments to get better localisations, better identifications, check and verify information, etc.
    A main difference between the two projects is the following: we are using IPTC metadata that are embedded in our hi-res photos, but LoC does not use IPTC and their descriptions and tags are attached to Flickr platform.
    With best regards

    Patrick Peccatte


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