Quirky gadgets and contraptions from 1851 to 1951

As well as being the main contact for Prime Thinkers Maurice Collins is also the man behind a collection of over 800 quirky gadgets and contraptions from 1851 to 1951. The collection contains some of the most eccentric labour saving devices, many from the Victorian era which is renowned for its Heath Robinson style excesses. Examples include a clockwork teas-made from 1902, a system for smoking 2 cigarettes simultaneously, a portable moustache protector for eating soup in polite company.

The collection does not currently have a permanent home but selections are available for hire, and I am hoping we can show off a few items in the Business & IP Centre soon, so watch this space.
Maurice has published two books featuring his collection:

Ingenious Gadgets


You can read more about them on Amazon.co.uk


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