The Dilbert test for companies

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) was the closing keynote speaker at the recent SLA Annual Conference in Denver. As well as being a very entertaining speaker he came up with an intriguing test for us as discerning employees.

When you have your tour of the premises of your potential new work home, take a note of the number of Dilbert cartoons you see posted up in the office. If there are none to be seen, then steer well clear, as it is the kind of regime which brutally crushes all attempts at office humour.

If there are lots on show then you still need to be concerned that the staff need to communicate to their bosses in this (un)subtle way.

The best place to work is where you find a light smattering of Dilberts, indicating a sense of both fun and a reasonably high esprit de corps.

How does yours fare?

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